In 1983 this french photographer undertook an independent career and started to work with various publications and newspapers such as Vogue, Marie-Claire, L'Egoïste, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Elle (USA), and Libération.
In 2000, Thierry Bouet was acclaimed as one of the five best photographers in the world by GQ Magazine. Bouet's photographs, moving or, sometimes, cruel, provide a deep and ample message to better grasp the characters who are lacking neither in mystery nor in nostalgia, according to their diverse characteristics.
For the past several years, Thierry Bouet has been entering places, events and communities in their diversity, seeking to establish and fixate their fractures as well as their abilities to summon up dreams and transposing them onto film.
Thierry Bouet has also had many solo and group shows, and a great number of his photographs appear regularly in the press as well as in audio-visual media.

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