The BlackHeart Gang is composed of the 3 south-africans artists : Ree Treweek - Illustrator and Character Developer
Jannes Hendrikz - Compositor and Creative Director
Markus Smit (Wormstorm) - Musician and Writer
Their conception is said to have been chorused by earthquakes, hailstorms and typhoons while they are said to be so amazingly cool that, although they frequently lunch with Zulu princes, rockstars and sixlegged-fish creatures, they somehow still manage to remain completely oblivious to World as such.
They busy themselves instead with a world of their own divising. This world is a monolith in oddity, the shroud of mystery itself... THE HOUSEHOLD. This life long project is said by some to be "stranger than fiction", although some scholars have even gone so far as to deem it "stranger than reality itself".

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