The Swedish photographer Per Hüttner offers an investigation into life's most crucial moments, sources of violence and of vulnerability. He believes that each human being?s body is a place of suffering, of pleasure and of joy, and he uses photography as a means and as a tool to observe it in its total nakedness.
Per Hüttner's experience and his investigations have been the subject of many important one-man exhibitions among which were "I am a Curator" in the Chisenhale gallery in London in 2005, "Repetitive Time" in the Kunstmuseum in Göteborg in 2006, "Democracia y deseo" in the Vacio 9 gallery in Madrid, "Xiao Yao You" in the art museum Guangdong in Guangzhou in 2006, "Tundro" in the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum in Szczccin, Poland in 2006. Per Hüttner has taken part in over a hundred group shows in Europe, in the USA, in Canada and in Asia.

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